Kaspers researched to check out parents’ concerns about the kids and their dependence on online gadgets. Turned out that almost half of the participants is nearly 48% take the help of spying apps and parental controls to monitor their kids. Now I have seen people question this behavior of parents like they are doing something illegal. No, it’s not something controversial nor illegal to monitor the kids through their cellphones. Take the example of simple call logs. It is necessary to record phone calls of the kids for so many reasons. By doing that parents can know what are they up to and if they are in any kind of trouble. OgyMogy phone spy app offers a call log and calls recording feature that let the user know about the complete phone book history of the kids. Here is why parents must find a careful and decent way to know about the kid’s digital life including call records. 


Cyberbullying is one of the major concerns of today’s parents. It is so common and there are so many options for the bullies that it is difficult to track them. There are cellular call services then there are dozens of calling services on the web. They are giving more and more options for ease but unfortunately, that makes things easier for sick mind people. The use of record phone calls service by the parents can let them know about any bullying incident faced by the kid. Know about the incoming and outgoing call data and keep a check on the phone record to assure the safety of the kids. 


Stealing money, identity or any precious commodity by fraud is another common thing and most of the time voice phishing is used to do so. My colleague’s teenager received a call that he has won a lottery ticket but they need a credit card and some specific information about his mother. They told him they are from the bank and he trusted them. Hence they lost a handsome amount of money just because the kid wanted money to buy the new game and he thought maybe this way it will be quick. Parents must be very careful in keeping an eye on teenagers’ call records. They should record phone calls to save the kids and themselves from any big fraud through voice phishing. 

Misuse of Voice Recordings:

With the introduction of voice recordings messages and all, it has become easy to share voice notes. The worst thing about this feature is that your voice notes can be shared without your consent and you will never know about it. With the OgyMogy record phone calls feature you can listen to the voice notes of kids. Stop them from sharing personal information with a stranger or especially in public groups.  

Spam Calls:

Spam calls might be fun for some but they are scary for some others. Like my roommate used to have a panic attack if she received any late-night calls from any unknown caller id. Turned out her boyfriend was abusive and she had a restraining order against him. Still, he would find a way out to make trouble for her. You can save your teenagers from troubled relationships and keep an eye on their call recordings with the help of the OgyMogy android spy app.


You will know if your kid is in any sort of trouble with the help of the record phone calls service. Listen to their incoming phone call and know if they are being blackmailed by anyone. Take action right away and make sure your kid does not go through any traumatic experience. 

Threatening Calls:

The feature can notify you about any threatening calls as well. The app saves all the information on the online web portal of the app. You can use the recordings for law enforcement services and can save your kids from any threatening situation

Every parent should use the OgyMogy record phone calls feature for their kids. It is easy as all you need to do is choose the bundle you want. It can be a monthly bundle, a seasonal one of six months duration or a yearly bundle. Follow easy steps and install the app when you have physical access to the target device