Mobile apps have become the businesses’ choice for targeting the vast category of customers. Be it providing an online platform to connect with the brand or offering the product or services online, mobile apps have been playing a major role in every aspect. According to Statista, there are around  4.6 billion smartphone users around the world who can be easily connected via an efficient smartphone. However, for that, having a smartphone is the foremost thing. Most business owners don’t have enough knowledge regarding mobile app development and thus they fail to leverage its benefits. Here is a brief guide regarding mobile development that will help you ignite your digital journey with the help of your very own dedicated mobile app

Mobile App Development- Covering the Cores

What Is Mobile App Development? 

As the terminology itself speaks, the process of developing a mobile application is called mobile app development. This process consists of a range of steps including planning, prototyping, designing, wireframing, coding, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, marketing, and much more. All these steps play an important part in building a fully functioning mobile app with different types of features and functionalities. 

There are different types of apps which include hybrid apps, cross-platform apps, android apps, and iOS apps. While the development criteria of all these apps differ from each other, the process of development remains the almost same. 

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Benefits of Mobile App Development 

There are more than 8.93 million smartphone apps around the world. Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. However, we all know that the usability of smartphones comes with mobile apps only which helps us to communicate, play, watch, navigate, text, and enjoy a lot of things. So, here are the major benefits that a business leverages with mobile app development- 

Build a stronger brand 

Having a very own mobile application can help you build a stronger brand presence in the market. By imparting the right communication strategy, your mobile application can become your brand ambassador that provides the right guidance and insight to your customers at the right time and all the time. 

Better interaction with customers 

With a mobile app, you don’t need human support to address your customers all the hours of the day and all the days of the week. Your mobile app can present all your offerings, products, and services in one place. At the same time, providing the FAQs and chatbot options in your mobile application will also help solve their queries, feedback, and requests. 

Enhanced customer engagement 

According to research, customers tend to spend 7 times more time on their mobile applications as compared to mobile browsers. More the time they spend on your application, the more will be the chances of them opting for your product or services. Thus the mobile app helps significantly to enhance customer engagement with your brand. 

Personalized marketing channel 

Your mobile app is the platform where you can show all your creativity for the digital marketing of your business. Present your new offerings to the target audience, introduce the promo codes and discounts, attract more customers, make announcements, and much more, all through this one platform. 

Competitive advantages 

Your mobile app can help you achieve competitive advantages. While almost every business has its website, there are still very rare companies that own their dedicated mobile app. So, becoming the one and the foremost company in your industry having a dedicated mobile app can bring good competitive advantages to your doorsteps. 

Better utilize social media channels 

You can connect your mobile app with different social media channels to exchange information and better serve customers with personalized experiences. Bringing user-generated content to your app by integrating social media platforms can help enhance the reliability of users on your mobile application. 

How to choose the right app development company?

As discussed in the above section, there are a range of benefits that business owners and startup owners can enjoy with their mobile apps. However, it is highly important to partner with the right app development company to leverage these benefits to the fullest. So, here are some of the best tips that will help you choose the right app development company- 

Assess their experience  

The app development agency that you are partnering with must carry good experience in app development. Hiring a new app development team might be pocket-friendly to you but you can’t expect too much of quality from them. 

Assess their project portfolio 

Assessing the project portfolio of the app development company can be a great idea to make the choice. If you find a similar project to yours on which the company has already worked, they can be the ideal choice for your project too. 


Budget is a big consideration when choosing an app development company. Thus, it is important that the app development company you are choosing respects your budget. 

Maintenance and support

Your mobile app will need continuous support and maintenance. So, it will be good if you talk about the maintenance and support they provide to their client post-deployment of the project. Many companies provide ample tech support for free to their client after the deployment of the project. 

Communication strategy 

This is one of the biggest factors that can influence your decision. Assess how they communicate internally and externally about the project. Also, you should know about the strategies they will undertake to keep you informed about the progress of the project. 

Cost of App Development on an Hourly Basis 

Developing a mobile app requires a good investment. Depending on the type of project and features of your application, the hourly cost ranges from $25 to $50. However, estimating the app development cost is never this simple as it depends on a range of factors. Let’s have a glance over some of the factors that influence the cost of app development-

Project ComplexityHybrid and cross-platform apps increase the complexity of the project which ultimately increases app development cost. 
Number and Types of feature If you want a range of features in your app, it will add dollars to the bill. Similarly, choosing advanced features also increases the development cost. 
Technologies Imparting technologies like IoT, AR/VR, ML, AI, Blockchain, and Metaverse into the application makes the development cost higher.
Location of the developer The per-hour cost of hiring the developers from USA, UK, or Australia is more than twice as compared to Asian countries like India. 
Duration of the project Following the per-hour model, the more the number of hours, the higher the cost of your app development. 

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So, it can be concluded that developing a mobile application is a great idea to reach the target audience and strengthen the relations with customers. However, it is important for the same that you hire a good app development company for your project. So, there are a range of considerations that you can take care of to ensure that the development partner you hire is proficient and fit for your project. Similarly,  you can also take full control over the cost of app development by defining your requirements efficiently.