Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook are two popular platforms used to manage personal and professional contacts. While both offer robust contact management solutions, many users prefer to keep their contacts synced between the two services. This allows for seamless access to contact information across devices and platforms. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of syncing Google Contacts with Outlook, ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to managing your contacts.

How to Sync Google Contacts with Outlook: A Complete Guide

Section 1: Exporting Google Contacts

Before syncing Google Contacts with Outlook, we first need to export the contacts from your Google account. Follow these simple steps to export your Google Contacts:

  1. Log in to your Google account and navigate to Google Contacts.
  2. In the left-hand panel, click on “Export” and select the contacts you want to export.
  3. Choose the export format as “vCard” (VCF) to ensure compatibility with Outlook.
  4. Click “Export” and save the VCF file to your computer.

Section 2: Importing Google Contacts into Outlook

Now that you have the VCF file, it’s time to import your Google Contacts into Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook and click on “File” in the top-left corner.
  2. Choose “Open & Export” and then select “Import/Export.”
  3. In the Import and Export Wizard, choose “Import a vCard file (.vcf)” and click “Next.”
  4. Browse and select the VCF file you exported from Google Contacts.
  5. Select the destination folder in Outlook where you want to import the contacts and click “Next.”
  6. Review the import settings, ensuring “Replace duplicates with items imported” is selected.
  7. Click “Finish” to start importing your Google Contacts into Outlook.

Section 3: Enabling Two-Way Sync

Having imported your Google Contacts into Outlook, the next step is to establish two-way synchronization to ensure any changes made on either platform are mirrored on the other. To enable two-way sync, follow these steps:

  1. Install the “Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook” tool from the official Google Workspace website.
  2. Launch the application and sign in with your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account.
  3. Follow the setup instructions to configure synchronization options such as contact frequency and bidirectional sync.
  4. Once the setup is complete, your Google Contacts and Outlook contacts will remain synchronized.


Synchronizing Google Contacts with Outlook provides users with a seamless contact management experience, streamlining communication and saving time. By exporting Google Contacts as vCard files and importing them into Outlook, you can ensure all your important contact information remains accessible across both platforms. Enabling two-way sync with the “Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook” tool further enhances this convenience, automatically updating contact changes across both services. So, whether you’re using Google’s suite of apps or prefer Microsoft’s productivity tools, this complete guide ensures your contact information is always up-to-date and readily available.

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